Why write?

There are gaps in what we see and hear about American public policy.  Here’s a chance to fill those gaps and explore ideas.

My name is Alexis Wittman.  I defy ordinary personality profiles.

Almost vegan, home-birther, anti-vaccination, unschooler.

University of Michigan graduate: Architecture.

Grad-school student at Portland State University: Engineering.

(Also studied Law at Indiana University and Finance at Johns Hopkins).

Mother of three sons, sister of three brothers, niece of three uncles, one aunt.

Raised in a relatively wealthy home as a kid.

Have lived at or below the poverty level most of my adult life, raising kids.

Have lived in major cities: Boston, NYC, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Portland, Seattle, Greenville (SC) but love living in tiny villages of 500 or less: Northport and Charlevoix, Michigan.

Military spouse (USCG) and now widow.