Daddy Dearest, or is this what our country needs?

Does it seem to you that we are shopping for a father figure these days? Looking at the two chief candidates that are capturing the fiery passions of voters, young and old – you might think so.  They remind me of a favorite uncle, or one of your Dad’s friends who’d come to hang out in the garage and, who might be called say, Bernie and Don.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have burst, suddenly on the political scene to gather our attention and votes for President of the USA. In so many ways, these both appear to be ‘father figures’. It surprises me that this point of reference is never discussed in today’s media. Let’s think about it…

First just look at those adorable faces!

berniedonald genuine smiledonaldsmile bernie

Both have significantly younger wives, multiple marriages, Bernie’s son, Levi was born outside of marriage…three partners each.  Lovely families…

.with Barronbernie with hair blowingbernie and wifetrump nice coupledonald on peoplebernie and grandkids

Both men are pretty free with their emotions… and present faces we ourselves may have witnessed from our own family members gathered around a Thanksgiving table…

big smile bernietrump smilingdonald pointingBernie pointing

Especially when discussing politics at the table…

bernie frustrateddonald not happydonald yellow tiebernie not happy and pointingbernie resignedtrump big smile

Both occasionally are in places of prayer…

prayingbernie in a church

‘Hard to find them acting naturally, but…

bernie and grandkidstrump and wife at event

From a policy perspective, both think they know what’s best for us, right?  Left or right, socialist or uber-capitalist, the choices couldn’t be clearer in terms of what this next election will slant us toward.

Fascinating in that there appears to be no-middle ground.  Interesting, when in reality-all is middle ground.  I’ve heard people support Bernie, just knowing that he’ll be reined in by Congress.  Similarly, Donald has supporters who don’t care about his policy, but just his ‘get it done’ attitude. Donald as super negotiator explained at the last debate in Detroit that there is always ‘wiggle room’.  Bernie wants to give away the store, when the shelves are empty.  So it seems reality is not as easy to pin down and vote for this time.

Time to make choices…  but with such polarized positions, parties, and fan followings, the election will be as decisive (and divisive) as it was when we broke from Britain and colonists had to decide for the paternalistic or the patriot.  I think it’s the same choice today.

bernie timedonald checking his watch.jpg

Generated by IJG JPEG Library

And I don’t think we’ll even get to the ‘mother figure’ and her “I’ll take care of you ” posturing- because the candidate will not be able to run with an FBI special grand jury underway.

hllary and don

“No. We just can’t trust the American people to make those types of choices … Government has to make those choices for people.” – Hillary Clinton


Next time:  Exploring the differences

Daddy Dearest, or is this what our country needs?



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