Daddy Dearest, or is this what our country needs?

Does it seem to you that we are shopping for a father figure these days? Looking at the two chief candidates that are capturing the fiery passions of voters, young and old – you might think so.  They remind me of a favorite uncle, or one of your Dad’s friends who’d come to hang out in the garage and, who might be called say, Bernie and Don.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have burst, suddenly on the political scene to gather our attention and votes for President of the USA. In so many ways, these both appear to be ‘father figures’. It surprises me that this point of reference is never discussed in today’s media. Let’s think about it…

First just look at those adorable faces!

berniedonald genuine smiledonaldsmile bernie

Both have significantly younger wives, multiple marriages, Bernie’s son, Levi was born outside of marriage…three partners each.  Lovely families…

.with Barronbernie with hair blowingbernie and wifetrump nice coupledonald on peoplebernie and grandkids Continue reading